The CAD Factory arts collective relocated from Sydney to the very small remote NSW town of Birrego (Boree Creek) around 2009 and have been curating/creating/hosting genius arts events in the many small towns and regions of the Riverina since.  Whilst working heavily within in the local communities on many projects, Vic & Sarah McEwan of the CAD Factory have spent the last four years constructing a high end recording studio on their property.  A place where musicians and sound artists can come free from distraction to create and record.

To launch the new studio, Kim Salmon (Scientists, The Beasts Of Bourbon, The Surrealists, Salmon, The Business, Precious Jules, Antenna, Runaways, with Spencer P Jones) and Ron Peno (Died Pretty, The Superstitions) trekked from urban Melbournia to the flat plains and dry heat of rural Boree Creek/Birrego.  Their joint project The Darling Downs performed at the opening after an inspiring speech from Vic & Sarah about their journey from Marrickville to the Riverina.

After a vegan BBQ at sunset, under a massive Kurrajong tree –  Shane Fahey (Scattered Order, Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, Megaphon Studios, Endgame Records and Pete Jones (Psychic Date) performed as AXIS. A guitar and synth noisescape – complete with a heaving yellow moon labouring above the horizon.

What a pleasure and a privilege to have events such as this happening not only regionally – but in my home town.


Images and words by Daniel Oh.




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