I still cant comprehend it.  Kristin Hersh.  Im my hometown. Boree Creek.  My sacred place.  Performing right there.  On the same stage all our primary school plays were held, my 30th birthday party, wakes, receptions and blue light discos.  Her music and words intertwined through my life meeting me back full circle at the place of where I began.  Writing this even feels like a dream.

Armed with a convoy of loved ones from Byron and Melbourne we made the pilgrimage through 4 hours of rain back to country… even getting bogged 10kms from the town before the show.

The CAD Factory seem to have a magical lure which has drawn the likes of Mick Harvey, The Darling Downs, Paradise Motel to remote regions in the Riverina.  This night they brought magic to a small town.  Thank you Vic and Sarah.  And Kristin.
Support by the incredible Grace Before Meals.



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