Queensland seminal stoner rock outfit Budd travelled to Melbourne for the first time in 25 years to celebrate the release of their 1993 seminal classic Yakfat on vinyl.  Featuring support by the always banging Geelong faves Warped and The Dacios – whom I consider to be the most powerful band in Melbourne currently.  The Sunset Club opened the evening but unfortunately my ass didnt get to the hallowed sticky carpet of The Tote in time for their show (sorry guys!)

Budd and Warped are institutions. No doubt.  But tonight was all about THE DACIOS.  Featuring the legendary Bonnie Mercer on noise, Mindy Mapp (FUR, Little Ugly Girls) on bass – and the absolute powerhouse duo of Melbourne via Taswegia; Linda J on vocals and brother Bean on guitar;  this machine is well oiled and ready to fight.  They are launching their new album on the 2nd of December at The Tote.  If you dont lock this in to your diary then you are a fucking idiot.

I shot this gig for the legendary DESERT HIGHWAYS

Images by Daniel Oh

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