Music.  It has always been about music for me.

This blog is called Criminal Indifference after what I consider to be an overwhelming commercial under appreciation of the immense talent that is right here and right now.


Known internationally for its thriving live music scene, this town hosts shows every night of such high quality that I label mainstream media outlets being criminally indifferent to the genius that lay within. The artists I see and hear deserve major national coverage and airplay.  There are iconic anthems being sung by bands and crowds in sticky carpeted pubs that should be sung by thousands of people. Songs that should be part of the great Australian songbook.

This blog is a fuck you to all the major media outlets that fail miserably at giving proper respect and life to something so real, tangible and available.

This blog is also gives a HUGE kudos to Community Radio, Beat/Music mags and all the associated independent magazines, internet blogs, podcasts which keep the fabric of this whole scene alive. All the people who give their time, energy, knowledge and skills – of whom most volunteer their services!!!  Melbourne’s music community is so well organised compared to many other major cities across the world and this is a key element to its success.

I shoot what I love.  I shoot what I believe is important.  I shoot to create content.  I shoot to document. I shoot to archive.  I shoot to record moments of importance.  I shoot to my taste.  I shoot for Desert Highways. I shoot for WhatSound.  I shoot for The Dwarf.

I shoot for myself.

Daniel Oh.

1998 – Bachelor of Arts (Photography) – Charles Sturt University, Albury

2010 – Diploma of Photoimaging – NMIT